Medical Transports Services

Taxi radio Tarasconnais handles your medical transport needs and medical repatriations in case of minor conditions.

Requirements for coverage by the Assurance Maladie (Health Insurance):

The Health Insurance will cover the transport fees on medical prescription in the following situations:

  • Treatment or examination-related transfers for patients suffering from LTDs (Long Term Disorders)
  • Hospitalisation-related transfers (hospital admission and/or discharge), regardless of the length of hospitalisation (in-patient, partial or out-patient)
  • Treatment or examination-related transfers in the case of work accidents or occupational conditions
  • Transport in connection with a notification to attend by the medical services of the Assurance Maladie, commission régionale d’invalidité (Regional Invalidity Committee) or an expert doctor (for a Social Security medical assessment). Transport for an appointment with an authorised supplier of ocular, hearing, facial prostheses or ortho-prostheses. In such cases, the notification to attend acts as a medical prescription.
  • * Social Security agreement
  • * Air-conditioned and fully comfortable vehicle
  • * Any type of medical consultation
  • * Hospital admission and discharge
  • * Up to 6 seats

Any transfer that is not included in the above list will not be covered by the Assurance Maladie (Health Insurance), even if prescribed by a physician.

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